About Us

Headquartered in Singapore with partner offices in Paris, Genoa, and Dubai, WorldCity Partners represent a consortium of 35 urban and city development specialists, architects, planners and engineers. Our consortium comprise specialised firms from Europe. We also partner with real estate and consultancy firms in Singapore. 

What We Do

We are a one-stop solutions provider and integrator for urban townships, new cities, and special economic zones.

Our firm is involved in the following lines of business:

  • Urban and Infrastructure solutions – Architecture, Master-planning, Urban and Transport planning, specialised infrastructure planning such as ports and transport engineering
  • Wholesale Distribution and Trade Promotion for innovative building materials and technology – Under our Worldcity Technologies brand, we offer developers, architecture and engineering firms access to the latest innovative building technologies, materials, and fixtures, especially those which are cost efficient, energy saving and promote environmental sustainability.
  • Urban Development, Management and Investment – Working with experts within our associate partner network, we deliver expertise in terms of helping clients conceptualise and set up development, management and investment strategies and frameworks for their large scale real estate projects.


Our work is motivated by three outcomes which serve as the underlying drivers for our vision. In whatever we do, our projects must :

  • Deliver inclusive economic growth with a focus on local communities and respect for the environment
  • Create local jobs with a focus on workforce development, upgrading of skills and capacity building.
  • Attract Local or Foreign Investments who commit to the project based on commercial rationality and reasonable investment returns




Business Drivers

More than 60% of the world’s population will live in urban environments 2025. The world will need a 70% increase in global agricultural production just to feed the growing city inhabitants, infrastructure investments upwards of $50 trillion. These mega trend will drive demand for new ways to manage, design, and sustain cities and communities.

At WorldCity Partners, we aim to do just that. Our holistic approach to developing cities and special economic zones comes with a long-term vision, one that goes beyond the end of a build. From master-planning to capital raising and evaluating potential industrial sectors, we offer a start-to-finish game plan to anticipate and tackle the challenges of sustainable city building and implementation.

In parallel, we source for and introduce new building materials and solutions, that can create meaningful impact on urban communities and the built environment, while minimising the city’s carbon foot-print.

We are hopeful that governments, governors and mayors will appreciate our holistic and integrated approach — one that is tailored to create jobs and attract new investments, in a sustainable manner.  


With experienced urban planners, economists, architects, corporate financial advisors as well as branding and marketing managers, we bring to the table a host of deep and varied expertise to help your city soar.


We are a one-stop solution provider for the cities of tomorrow, combining the forces of commerce, environment and geography so you’ll never have to outsource anything.


We set our sights on the world stage, but each of our projects is sensitive to local cultures and systems.


Our experts stay with you throughout the whole journey, from planning to implementation and beyond.