Conakry Rebranding, GuineaGuinea

At the heart of this project for the rebranding of Conakry was the vision for the future of Guinea while at the same time preserving the past. This vision was to be manifested across three sites, namely the Gare Kaloum, Tech Hub and City Mall. These three sites would thus each focus on commerce, creativity and culture, establishing connections not only to the capital, but also the the country, the continent and the world.

In collaboration with TRUE 212


      La Gare Kaloum

  •      International and local artistic centre
  •      Facilities
    • Exhibition space
    • Small offices for community
    • City headquarters and city
    • Subsidised space for local
    • University space
    • Concert hall

Tech Hub

  • A forward looking hub with a call centre, data server space and a co-working space, training and networking section and regular series of hackathons.
  • Facilities
    • Office Space
    • High Speed Internet
    • Co-working Space

City Mall

  • A complex of hotels and serviced apartments and the most modern of entertainments
  • Facilities
    • A hotel
    • A cinema
    • Serviced apartments
    • Restaurants and a Shopping mall