New Vinh Yen University Town, VietnamVietnam

A crucial building block that makes up a city’s dynamism is its youths, and the capacity of these youths depend on the education available to them. The New Vinh Yen University Town was thus a project that aimed to enhance the facilities at the university such that students had access to better and a larger variety of opportunities to further their studies and passions. WorldCity Partners projects are not limited to just the commercial, residential or infrastructure-related projects. Sustainability of our projects and also the practices we bring to cities is part of our practice, and a fundamental key to sustainability is an assured future provided by an active and educated youth.



  •       22 km2

Jobs Created/ Employees

  •       Not assessed
  •       Residential capacity of 120 000 people

Estimated Project Value

  •       Not assessed

Investor(s)/ Client

  •       Hanoi University


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Edoardo Badano

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