Residential Complex in Saint-Jacques de la Lande, Rennes, FranceFrance

The development of the new city centre is at the forefront of the urban project for St Jacques de la Lande in France. Comprising of residential and commercial spaces and public facilities, the newly named ZAC de la Morinais was planned to cater to the specific needs of the community residing there. The housing itself has been elaborately planned to meet these needs, with subsidised and private housing, forming 70 housing units in total. With the same foundation used for each of the 70 units, the typology of these units was thus created using more standardised elements of construction, which simplified and reduced the cost of the project.


      Area/ Size

  •      5800 m²


  •      70 Housing Units

Estimated Project Value

  •      4 600 000 euros

Investor(s)/ Client

  •       S.A. d’HLM Aiguillon Construction


paulo tarabusi

Paolo Tarabusi

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