Villiers-sur-Marne Bus Terminal, Paris, FranceFrance

The project presented to us was to create a shelter for a bus terminal along with designated waiting zones for passengers . This was one of the projects that was part of the creation of the new Villiers-sur-Marne train station that in being along the SNCF station for the line RER-E, makes it thus a multimodal transport interchange. With glass as the primary material used and supported by a metal frame, the bus station brings to mind the various agricultural buildings (greenhouses, orangeries) that are indissociable from those that are found on adjacent plantations.


      Area/ Size

  •      350 m²


  •      5 sheltered zones

Estimated Project Value

  •      450 000 euros

Investor(s)/ Client

  •       Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (RATP)


paulo tarabusi

Paolo Tarabusi

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